Entering Your Own Heart

A Guide to Developing Self Love, Inner Peace and Happiness


"Drawing upon her more than 30 years of experience and expertise as a licensed integrative psychotherapist, a mind-body-spirit medicine professional, public speaker, author Carole J. Morton's"Entering Your Own Heart: A Guide to Developing Self Love, Inner Peace and Happiness" is impressively well written, organized, practical, thoughtful, thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring. Thoroughly 'user friendly' in tone and substance, "Entering Your Own Heart" is highly recommended as an addition to community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement instructional reference collections."

AMAZON REVIEWS (Every Review on Amazon is 5-Stars):

"There are plenty of self-help self-discovery books out there, and I have purchased my share. This is the first I've acquired that I've gotten past the first chapter. 'Entering your own Heart' is filled with an abundance of 'ah-ha's' Dr. Morton's in depth descriptions bring a clarity of understanding and a safe and gentle path out of destructive habits. Her weaving of personal experience offers the reader the guidance from a 'having been there' perspective rather than an I'm healthy and you aren't perspective. This allowed me to come to an 'I can change' place in my process. This is an amazing book - I am tempted to say it should be required reading! Take your time to read and absorb the wisdom presented - you don't want to miss any of the pearls".  L. P.

"This is the most thought-provoking and thorough presentation of self exploration and healing of body, mind and spirit.  It is easy to read and offers reflection and guidance towards a goal of self healing, self forgiveness and peace.  It is a book that should be shared and discussed with others.  Thank you, Carole Morton, for writing such an inspiring book"   P. W.

"I am so very grateful for this book.  I have read it twice and will read it again.  It is one of the most important resources I have found on my journey to love myself, take better care of myself, change thoughts and behaviors, and heal some long held emotional and physical issues.  This book reads easily yet its content is profound, practical, and truly helpful.  I would think that it would be a good resource if a person is working with a therapist, but fortunately one does not need to be to benefit from it.  I do not have the words or the skill to adequately express how valuable this book is to me or how highly I recommend it for anyone.  Loving and healing ourselves ultimately blesses everyone.  I think if everyone read this book, all relationships would improve and the world would be a better place.  I hope this book is translated into every language.  Thank you, Carole Morton, for taking the time and effort to share your learning, and important work through this wonderful book.  I am forever grateful." R. S.

"Entering Your Own Heart teaches us how to love our innocent inner child selves... All things are possible once we have unlocked our own hearts... this guide will show you the way!" Cynthia

"I have been reading this book for 2 weeks now and I love it. I can honestly say it is one of my favorite books. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It's easy to read and has a lot of helpful information. Thanks, Carole." Timothy Green

"This book is actually very meaty. So put aside impressions you may have from the pretty pink cover with the heart on it and thoughts you may have that this is another book of spiritual and superficial self-help quips. It is not! ... Wow! What a tiny treasure with huge personal value. Bravo and thank you, Carole!" Patrick C.

"A powerful, yet simply written, guide to developing inner peace and joy, by entering your own heart! Wow! My only problem is that I just read this book and I am seventy years old... I have decided to give this book to my niece and my daughter-in-law for Chanukah/Christmas. How I wish someone would have given me such a gift when I was younger. Thank you, Carole, for this magnificent book."- Cecelia Zarbo Wambach 

"An inspiring and thought provoking guide. I felt that reading 'Entering Your Own Heart' was the beginning of a journey into untapped territory, my own heart... I didn't want to turn the last page of this book, but I did. It will continue to be a guide and a 'life map' of sorts. If happiness and inner peace are your goals in life... Dare to take the journey with Carole Morton...you will not be disappointed." - Linda Engler 

"It is a boon to hear from a clinician who writes clearly, in a way that everyone can understand, and from the warmest of hearts." - Judy Schavrien 

"I loved this easy to read guide to healthy self love and how that's achieved. The essential role of one's beliefs as they inform both internal and external realities was explored with common sense and compassion." 

- Albione Becnel 

"The path this book spells out for entering your own heart is clear and concise, while acknowledging that the real work isn't accomplished through the reading, but through the experience of embracing the truth of who you are.  With its guidance I find myself releasing the anger, hurt and pain that has been part of me for a long as I can remember; such a wonderful gift!  My path is far from over, but the truths I've gleaned from Entering Your Own Heart are making that path feel less arduous, and certainly more hopeful.  I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for self-understanding and authenticity in their life."  Stephen J.

"I didn't know what to expect but loved every page.  Such wonderful insights and very usable and healing ways of looking at life."  M.R.

"Entering Your Own Heart" is both a personal and professional guide to self-love and inner peace.  Carole Morton brings a new perspective to the ever-enduring issue of how to find happiness despite difficult life experiences or painful childhood memories.  The value of this new understanding cannot be underestimated.  In Entering Your Own Heart the reader learns how to develop greater inner strength through a logically developed path bringing the reader to self-awareness and subsequently self-love."  Rosalie Giffoniello

"Fresh insights into who we really are.  This book is a sensitively written, understandable and ultimately practical guide to find you true self.  A "must" read for everybody.  We need to love ourselves more in order to find inner peace and avoid destructive behavior patterns.  This excellently written book teaches us "how"."  R.C.

"It will take a lifetime to develop within ourselves the wisdom of this, well balanced, work about the path.  Other readings introduce us to the path, this book tells us how to take the journey to the gates and the deeper, wider spots.  There are brief and concentrated psychological explanations presented in easy, everyday language.  She guides us on the path with her deep understanding of east/west spirituality and depth psychology, which also includes understanding early childhood development.  In a way I found the book hypnotizing, inducing self-love and appreciation.  The book is clear and easy to read - giving the reader a path to the heart with excellent chances at succeeding."  Nestor Vaschetto, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist

"There are many books that discuss how we manage to treat ourselves shabbily.  Carole Morton's book does a good job of showing how a person can actually change their own thinking process to achieve life affirming results.  This book is incredibly well written and filled with interesting quotes and clear exercises."  Claudia. K.

"Entering Your Own Heart is a significant work in helping people heal and awaken. Morton's insight, wisdom, compassion and strength, having taken such a full journey herself, is inspiring and has been a great help to me." - Gail Stepanek, University Professor of Yoga

"Entering Your Own Heat has helped me so much. I am now experiencing more love for myself and others."
- Monica Neurad, Business Owner

"Based on 33 years of professional experience and her own life experiences, Morton has written an eye-opening book for all true seekers of life's biggest questions." - Jan Psencik, Engineer