Carole J (Meisner) Morton is a licensed integrative psychotherapist, a mind-body-spirit medicine professional, faculty member in the Masters in Psychology Department at the Western Institute for Social Research in Berkeley, CA, and a public speaker. She holds two master's degrees, one in Human Communication and one in Clinical Psychology. She is presently a doctoral and Ph.D. candidate in Integrative and Natural Medicine, based in quantum physics theory. She is dedicated to teaching self-healing and awakening through the development of self-love, self-trust and self-compassion.

She lives and works in Walnut Creek, California.

Those who have worked with Carole are saying:

"Carole is a loving, perceptive woman... from the beginning I have felt respected and safe to explore the feelings and memories that have been so difficult for me, and have challenged me in my journey towards greater self-acceptance and love.""- B. G.

"Carole has a way of making complicated things so simple, that's not to say easy, but real and clear... She helped me know how to participate in my life." - J. W.

"Carole combines humor, spirituality, a keen insight and a remarkable memory into a comprehensive method of working out and through difficult problems." - S. K.

"Carole functions as a guide, someone who is with me with positive energy. She made it possible for me to face very scary but urgent issues." - M. P.

     Carole is available for Keynotes, Workshops, Book Signings, and Media Appearances. To learn more about her Keynotes & Workshops go to To discuss please Email her.  


     In her private practice ( Carole offers individual, relationship, and group psychotherapy to adults. She also offers Life Coaching and Health Coaching.  Her services are available in person or over the phone/Skype. To discuss please Email her

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